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Bismillahi RRohmani RRohim.....

Trading Forex is high risk , there is no certainty in it where market patterns are sometimes less friendly to our will as traders, we do not claim that our system is the best, we are not perfect, we still need to learn a lot more, by saying Bismillahi RRohmani RRohim we try hopefully we are able to color in the world of Forex Online Trading and bring benefits to end with Alhamdulillahi RRobbil Alamin.

Trading System and Risk Money Management AlhamdulillahCuanMane:

1. Entry Based on Several Default Indicators Built-in Metaquotes and Custom Indicators

2. Daily Trading in several Currency Pairs and also GOLD (XAUUSD)

3. Minimum Deposit 50$ (5,000 USD Cent) Leverage 1:1000 or 1:500

4. 100% Trading with EA (expert advisor)

5. OverBought OverSold System and Candle Pattern

6. Estimated Profit a month ROI 10% - 50% PerMonth

7. Martingale System with maximal limit maximal level.

8. Estimated Maximum DrawDown 20% - 40%

9. This trade is a High Risk High Return trade.

10. Open Account FWFX under our IB/affiliate group with IB number 1330002646

11. Profit Withdrawal is done at the end of each month


All forms of risk that occur in a trading transaction are entirely the responsibility of each trader and follower, ACM is not responsible for all forms of loss even if the worst possibility occurs, namely Margin Call.

Before you join or become a follower, we ask you to pay attention to your financial condition, make sure your finances are in a "HEALTHY" condition, once again this trade is HIGH RISK HIGH RETURN, KNOW THE RISK Before you dive into the world of FOREX ONLINE TRADING, there is no guarantee that our system will always survive. when you decide to join us then we assume you already understand all the risks that will occur.

You can monitor our Trading Performance by accessing the LINK below:



Before Joint Please Contact Us :

Email : [email protected]

Wa : +6289690224777

MT4 : 1330002704
Contact : Before Joint Please Contact Us : Email : [email protected] Wa : +6289690224777
Performance fee : 20%

Closed Trade P/L:
USC 4749.96
-770 Pips
USC 3.61
Net P/L
USC 4753.57
Max Drawdown
Account Age
90 Day(s)
Total Follower

Absolute Gain29%
Total Net Profit USC4750 USC
Total Net Profit Pips-770 Pips
Total Deposit16221 USC
Total Withdraw-11797 USC
Total Trades1854 Trades
Total Volume121.11 Lot
Last recorded Balance6361 USC
Last recorded Equity6365 USC
Profit Factor1.64%
Account Age90 day(s)
Worst Equity Drawdown 3%
Worst Closed Trade DD11%
Avg Profit/Day0.84%
Avg Profit/Month28%
Avg Win (Pips)49 Pips
Avg Win (USC)10.1 USC
Avg Loss (Pips)-94 Pips
Avg Loss (USC)-11.7 USC
Avg Trade (Pips)-0 Pips
Avg Trade (USC)2.56 USC
Avg Trade Length568 Minute(s)
Last 7D Closed Trade0 trade(s)
High risk notice

There is a high level of risk involved with trading leveraged products such as forex and CFDs. You should not risk more than you can afford to lose, it is possible that you may lose more than your initial investment. You should not trade unless you fully understand the true extent of your exposure to the risk of loss.

FirewoodFX does not accept clients from the United States of America.

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